Electoral Vote- Winning Parties

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Can you name the US political parties whose presidential candidate(s) have garnered at least 1 electoral vote?

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Year(s)PartyFirst Vote-Winning Candidate
1860John Bell
1856-2008John C. Fremont
1872B. Gratz Brown
1912Theodore Roosevelt
1832William Wirt
1856Millard Fillmore
1836-1852William Henry Harrison
1968George Wallace
1792-1824George Clinton
1860Stephen Douglas
Year(s)PartyFirst Vote-Winning Candidate
1892-1896James Weaver
1924Robert M. LaFollette, Sr.
1972John Hospers
1948Strom Thurmond
1828-1856, 1864-2008Andrew Jackson
1832John Floyd
1828-1832Henry Clay
1792-1816John Adams
1860John Breckinridge

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