US States by Important Figures

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Can you name the US States by important figures in their histories?

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PersonStatePerson's Significance
Paul McNutt
George Wallace
Black Hawk
Caesar Rodney
Joshua Lawrence Chamberlain
Elizabeth Eckford
Hubert Horatio Humphrey
Roger Williams
Nathaniel Bacon
Daniel Boone
Peter Minuit
Henry Ford
Elvis Presley
Timothy McVeigh
James Oglethorpe
Juan Ponce de Leon
Brigham Young
Diego de Vargas
Wild Bill Hickok
Jean Lafitte
Ulysses Grant
Thomas Hooker
John C. Calhoun
James Meredith
Zebulon Pike
PersonStatePerson's Significance
George Custer
Pio Pico
William Quantrill
Antonio Lopez de Santa Ana
Chief Joseph
George McClellan
Robert LaFollette
Jim Bridger
George Washington Bush
Lord Calvert
Jacques Marquette and Louis Joliet
Ethan Allen
Vitus Bering
Franklin Pierce
Benjamin 'Bugsy' Siegel
Francis Pierpont
John Winthrop
Sitting Bull
Wilson Price Hunt
Sanford Dole
Eusebio Kino
Sir Walter Raleigh
William Penn
A. C. Townley
William Jennings Bryan

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