Presidents Appointing Supreme Court Justices

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Can you name the president who appointed these Supreme Court justices?

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Justice(s)PresidentTotal # Appointed
James Clark McReynolds, Louis Brandeis3
Melville Fuller, Edward Douglass White*4
Harlan F. Stone*1
Byron White, Arthur Goldberg2
John Paul Stevens1
Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Stephen Breyer2
Warren Burger, William Rehnquist*4
Thurgood Marshall, Abe Fortas2
Nathan Clifford1
John Marshall Harlan, William Burnham Woods2
John McKinley, Peter Vivian Daniel2
Smith Thompson1
Charles Evans Hughes, Willis Van Devanter5
Roger Taney6
Charles Evans Hughes3
Sonia Sotomayor, Elena Kagan2
John Marshall3
Gabriel Duvall, Joseph Story2
Samuel Nelson1
John Archibald Campbell1
Justice(s)PresidentTotal # Appointed
David Souter, Clarence Thomas2
Benjamin Robbins Curtis1
John Jay, John Rutledge, Oliver Ellsworth10
Stanley Matthews1
William Howard Taft4
John G. Roberts2
Fred M. Vinson4
Levi Woodbury, Robert Cooper Grier2
Salmon Chase5
Horace Gray, Samuel Blatchford2
David Josiah Brewer, George Shiras4
Morrison Waite4
Oliver Wendell Holmes, William Day3
Robert Trimble1
Earl Warren5
Sandra Day O'Connor, Antonin Scalia3
Joseph McKenna1
Hugo Black, Felix Frankfurter8
William Johnson, Thomas Todd3

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