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a positively charged ion, more protons than electrons
When a molecule does not dissolve in water easily. i.e water fearing
What donates a proton
Atoms that have lost or gained electrons
When a molecule is easily dissolved in water. i.e; water loving
a pH level of 13 is
What is the normal pH level in humans?
The stronger the acid....
The sharing of electrons between atoms
When a persons pH level is below 7.0
Covalently bonded molecules that share electrons equallyH2
Extracellular Fluid Compartment (ECF)
When a molecule contains both polar and nonpolar groupsmicelle, phospholipid
The stronger the acid....the larger the_____.
Solution has lower solute concentration relative to cell, cell will swell
The capacity/ability of a solvent to reduce attractive forces between ions
Intracellular Fluid Compartment (ICF)
What equation describes the dissociation characteristics of weak acids and bases and the effect oh pH?
Pressure required to stop the net flow of water across the membrane
side effect of acidosis
Solution has same solute concentration relative to the cell
definitions Example
Ionic interactions in biological molecules
What accepts a proton
A large amount of heat is required to convert water from a liquid to a gas.
When water absorbs and releases large amounts of heat slowly before temperature changes. Ex: in order to evaporate it takes a lot of energy so it has a _________.
when a persons pH level is above 7.8
What represents the effects of osmotic solutions on cells?
What is the purpose of a buffer?
Solution that has a higher solute concentration relative to the cell, cell will crenate
Side effect of alkalosis
what rapidly and completely dissociates in aqueous solutions?
What type of molecule demonstrates hydrogen bonding?
a negatively charged ion, more electrons than protons
The stronger the acid, the lower the______.
the acidity and alkalinity is based on the _____
As the hydrogen ion concentration increases....
The stronger the acid.....
Diffusion of water through a selectively permeable membrane from a region of higher concentration to lower concentration
Covalently bonded molecules do not share electrons equallyH20
The neutral pH level
A weak bond formed between hydrogen atoms
What does not completely dissociate in water

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