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Can you name the most famous horror movie killers?

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SawCatch peoples in traps.
Stephen King's ITA scary killer clown with red hair.
The Texas Chainsaw MassacreKill peoples with a chainsaw.
Drag Me To HellHe is a curse/demon who is induced by an old woman.
The RingA girl who come out of the television.
MiseryA psycho fan who kill peoples.
The OmenThe child who like to be evil.
Jeppers CreepersA monster who eat things on peoples he like.
HalloweenHe started to kill than he was 6 years old.
Friday The 13thShe is Jason's mother.
AlienAliens who kill peoples.
ScreamA masked serial killer who kills high school students.
PsychoIs a psycho murder, who lives on a hotel.
The ShiningFamous quote 'Here's Johnny!'
Friday The 13th Part 2A killer who wears an old school hockey mask.
American PsychoA rich playboy who kill peoples.
Silence Of The LambsHe is a very smart kannibal.
Child's PlayThe killer doll.
A Nightmare On Elm StreetThe murder who kill peoples in dreams.
CandymanA spirit with a hook.

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