Community Acquired Pneumonia Antibiotic Treatment

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Can you name the correct Antibiotic Treatment for CAP?

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Outpt healthy adult with no recent abx
Outpt healthy adult w/recent abx use
Outpt w/ cormobidites
Outpt w/cormorbidities &recent abx use
Inpatient (IV)
Which is an advanced macrolide?
Which is a Respiratory fluoroquinolone?
Which is a beta-lactam?
QuestionAnswerCorrect Answers
What can cover MRSA?
What can cover methicillin sensitive S.aureus?
What can cover anerobes?
What can cover enterobacteriacae? (classes)
Name a 3rd gen cephalosporin.
Name two Aminoglycosides (not yet mentioned)
Name two resp. fluroquinolones you could sub for Levofloxacin

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