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Character by quoteDid you really not know the Earth went round the Sun?
Character by quoteHello freak
Character by quoteYep sociopath, seeing it now
Character by quoteWhile I'm trying to get off with Sara! Hey
Character by quoteSherlock Holmes and Dr Watson
Character by quoteYou had a row with a machine?
Character by quoteI gave you my number, thought you might call
ShoesWho's were they?
Missing carWhere did man go?
Connie PrinceHow did tetnus get in her blood stream?
Lost paintingWho's the asassain?
RandomnessJohn's Girlfriend
RandomnessJennifer Wilson's password
RandomnessWhat was in their fridge?
RandomnessWhat did the first cipher mean?
RandomnessWho is the banker who 'commited suicide'?
RandomnessWhat was the chiease gang called?

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