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Actor1st Doctor
Actor2nd Doctor
Actor3rd Doctor
Actor4th Doctor
Actor5th Doctor
Actor6th Doctor
Actor7th Doctor
Actor8th Doctor
ActorWar Doctor
Actor9th Doctor
Actor10th Doctor
Actor11th Doctor
Actor12th Doctor
SpeciesThe Doctor
SpeciesMatron Casp
SpeciesMr. Finch
Species'Answer' Bob
Who said it?'What's a horse doing on a spaceship?'
Who said it?'That's my son.'
Who said it?'Your the most important person in the whole of creation'
Who said it?'How's life? Sorry, Bad subject'
Who said it?'I've met shakespear'
Who said it?'Mountains that sway'
Who said it?'Got my TARDIS, got my boys'
Who said it?'Your's is bigger than mine'
Who said it?'Pretty boy, I need you'
Who said it?'I was just saying hello'
EpisodeMighty Jagrafess of the Holy Hadrojassic Maxarodenfoe
EpisodeLupine Wavelength Haemovariform
EpisodeBlon Fel-Fotch Pasameer-Day
EpisodeLady Cassandra O'Brien.delta17
EpisodeThomas Kincade Brannigan
Home PlanetThe Doctor
Home PlanetAmy Pond
Home PlanetDalek
Home PlanetSlitheen
Home PlanetKrillitane
Home PlanetCarrionites
RelationshipsMetacrisis Doctor
RelationshipsHuman Doctor
RelationshipsMartha Jones
RelationshipsDonna Noble
RelationshipsJackie Tyler
RelationshipsAmy Pond
RelationshipsKazran Sardick

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