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Where we take this road
Keep your eyes on your new little brat
It's cool baby, it doesn't matter anyway
I'm screaming for you to please
Out of gas so you walk for miles
Out of sight, out of mind
Could you tell, by the flames that burn your words
Cause my heart so much misery
When the truth came out
Being with you, it's so disfunctional
If I try to save him
There's a place that I know
Picked all my weeds
I can't cook, no but I can clean
Your going crazy, running on empty
I want a love, I want a fire to feel the burn, my desires
A dozen roses, diamond rings
Travel on a jet plane
She looked in the mirror
Swallow me than spit me out
Fairy tales from so long ago
Castles in the sky
If you're straight why aren't you married yet
It's like you're a leech, sucking the life from me
Fearless, with cape in hand
Breathe in, breathe out
I know there's other fish out in the sea
We can just light up every candle. Move from room to room
Are you there, are you watching me
You need love baby, I'm on your side
Ain't it something y'all
I'm running in circles
Some pretty legs go walking by. Your gaze is wandering,/
It doesn't matter where we go. Silver, blue, white, or where you're home

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