Topher Grace

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Can you name the facts about Topher Grace??

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What's Topher's actual first name?
What's his full name?
Where was Topher born?
When was he born (full date)?
Where was Topher raised?
In what year did he start his show business career?
What was the first show he ever starred in?
When did he leave the show?
What character did he play in the show?
What's Topher's favorite book?
What sport does he enjoy playing?
What university did he attend?
How much pounds of muscle did he gain for 'Spider-Man 3'?
What movie is he starring in that comes out Feb. 12, 2010?
What's his character's name?
What part of his name did he dislike?
Isn't Topher soooo cute?;)

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