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In other wordsBand name
Ms. Monroe + infamous Charles
Hearing-impaired spotted cat
Auditory vibration flowerbed
Rag-tag group of employees
Chartreuse diurnal period
Rock church navigators
The third US president's jet
Mrs. Jetson's being hooked on a drug
Dark sticker citizenry
Visually-impaired cantaloupe
...Also thou wilt recognize our kind due to the path of deceased
Discolored by a foreign substance or spill
Beam light below
In other wordsBand name
Airship made of Pb
Rose-colored barber on Andy Griffith
Oyster jewel preserve
Fifth corner in American football
Engine cranium
72 hours leeway
Ebony holy day
The minor religious group or sect
Shattering Mr. Franklin
3/4 of a foot fasteners

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