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If they resist, shall I use force? Sisterhood
The best thing you can do is just vanish.Lost in Translation
Now I'm saving you...Irritating, isn't it?Tattoo? What Tattoo?
Robin Hood could swing out these trees any time and bash your brains out!Brothers in Arms
I'd sooner kill my own mother. Parent Hood
Everything is a choice, everything we do! Grow up.Sheriff Got Your Tongue?
The Devil couldn't make it. You'll have to deal with me instead.Peace? Off!
Well, d'you want clever or really clever?Who Shot the Sheriff?
QuoteCharacterSaid in Episode...
He has returned. The legend is alive! Total Eclipse
He's not crying, He's laughing on the wrong side of his face. We Are Robin Hood
Women, how can they manage to hit that particular pitch that makes you want to Pierce your Eardrum with a stick? Turk Flu
How surprising. I don't particularly like surprises. What's your name?Do You Love Me?
You know, a smaller man would be offended! Will You Tolerate This?
You're meant to say 'no!' 'We're here to free you,' stuff like that!Dead Man Walking
Well, I would hardly be much of a decoy in my maid's apron.Let the Games Commence
Him, I am proud to know. You, I'm stuck with. Dead Man Walking

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