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Can you name the Throwback Shows from the 90's?

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Phill Moore, Game Show, Video Games
Marshall, The Tupperware Twins, Town full of Weirdos
Aztec Head, Blue Barracudas, Green Iguanas, Silver Snakes
Pollution, Hero, One Long Earth PSA
Ickis, Oblina, Krumm, Scare School
Lots of Slime, Family Teams, Obstacle Course
Dating Show, Jenny McCarthy, Carmen Electra, MTV
Siamese House Animals, Brothers
2 Brothers Same Name
...The Science Guy
Smart Mammal, Baboon, I.M, I.R,
Slime, Sketch Comedy Show, Television
Creepy Stories, Campfire, Midnight Society
Dam, Norbet, Dagget, Brothers
Extreme Kids, Aggro Crag, International Players
Ranch, Bar None, Mr. Ernest
Jack Russell Terrier, Classic books, PBS
Meltman, Thunder Girl, the Flesh, Team
Elvis. Ferguson. Window Hopping Sam
Lab Rats, World Domination, Failure Every Time
Spunky, Heffer and The Bigheads.
Acme Crime Team, The Chief, Rockapella
She was almost hit by a chemical plant truck and now she can morph into a puddle of metallic liquid.
Poultry & Beef Siblings, the 'Red Guy' Always trying to Con Them
Kids With Weird Talents, Summer Sanders, Game Show

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