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Can you name the four-letter words associated with food?

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A cannoli shell is something to...
How to turn wheat into flour
Most dairy foods are made from...
PETA won't let you wear ____ while buying your pita
An herb used for lamb or chewing gum
Ben and Jerry's comes in a ...
This yogurt is so good, it will make you ____
A drumstick is one ____ of a chicken
Take a picnic to the...
Name brands carry a trade...
A candy company named for a planet
People transport their groceries home in their...
Containers for premade soup
A plant grown for sugar
A crunchy, edible ice cream container
A brand of cola
Dessert, often used during birthdays
To cook in an oven
Japanese rice wine
A baked-goods fund-raiser
A seasoning partnered with pepper
An ice cream treat similar to a milkshake
Ice cream left in the sun will...
Mutton, pork, and beef are examples of...
What you do to egg whites to make them fluffy
A sausage to boil in beer
A college group to host a pizza party
Cookbook author, ____ Gillette
A custard tart from Spain
Pancakes, tortillas, and crepes are...
Sticking to your diet is a major...
When you gained it all back, we knew how you...
Because of the explosion, the souffle...
A cannoli shell is something to...

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