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Can you name the Countries featured in the Onion's Our Dumb World Atlas of Planet Earth (2007) by their title?

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Where All Roads Lead to Serious InjuryEurope
What are You Looking at?Europe
Enjoying a Three-Century SiestaEurope
The Completist's GenocideAfrica
They Had it ComingMiddle East
Demoted to the Fourth WorldAfrica
The Catholic DisneylandEurope
In Africa's Success Story, a Hidden GenocideAfrica
Would Trade it All for a Little More KashmirAsia
A Money-Rich NationAsia
All is ForbiddenMiddle East
Please Remove Your Shoes Before Reading ThisAsia
Willing to Relocate for WorkAsia
A Country Divided Exactly in HalfMiddle East
Partners in War CrimeEurope
God's Practical JokeAsia
For the United States, See Pages 9-22North America
Always With the Goddamn Pan FlutesSouth America
Driven From a Land That Was Wrongfully TheirsAfrica
Where People Go To Say They've BeenEurope
Fighting AIDS With Bamboo SpearsAfrica
Badly in Need of a SaviorNorth America
Rotate Page 360 Degrees to ReadEurope
An Island Nation, Not a DiseaseAfrica
A Shortcut With its Own National AnthemNorth America
This Luggage isn't Going to Move ItselfNorth America
Once a Mighty Atlas EntryAsia
The Land That Time, Newsweek, and USA Today ForgotAfrica
Ancestral Homeland of the GoonsEurope
Free Admission on SundaysAfrica
Where Everything is LegalEurope
So Sorry for Getting NukedAsia
You Will Be Shot on SightAsia
2,500 Years Past its PrimeEurope
Now Hiring 2.4 Million BusboysNorth America
Just Not the Same Without the Civil WarAfrica
Where Even the Elephants Take BribesAfrica
As seen on Animal PlanetOceania
Please Hold While We Die of MalariaAsia
Suppressing the Urge to Chop You in Half With an AxeEurope
A Bad NeighborhoodAfrica
Ruled By LemursAfrica
Where the Rich Can Strike it RicherEurope
A Forward-Thinking Post-Apocalyptic NationAfrica
No Child Left AliveAfrica
The Empty Promised LandMiddle East
Your Urgent Assistence is RequestedAfrica
A Beautiful Nazi Retirement CommunitySouth America
Conveniently Located in the Middle of $&#*ing NowehereAfrica
South America's MiddlemanSouth America
So We've Done a Little Ethnic Cleansing...Europe
A Great Ballpark in a Bad NeighborhoodNorth America
Where a Kid Can be a Kid ProstituteAsia
Inhabitable by 2307Europe
Blowing Their Pot O' Gold on WhiskeyEurope
Why Spend Hundreds on a Name-Brand African Country?Africa
Living Fat Off the LandOceania
People at Their Most Beautiful, Humanity at its UgliestSouth America
It's a Winter Wonderland!Europe
Keep Your Chin Up!Africa
Right on the EquatorishAfrica
The Outlet Mall of EuropeEurope
Allah's Cat BoxAsia
$&#* EveryoneSouth America
Surging Ahead to the 19th CenturyEurope
One Nation Above GodEurope
At Least We're Not Democratic Republic of CongoAfrica
The Haiti of EuropeEurope
A Proud Tradition of Chocolate, and Also Some Other StuffEurope
The Land of OpportunismNorth America
Nobel Prize Winner for Great CheekbonesEurope
Just Getting Out of a Bad International RelationshipEurope
Where the Streets are Paved With SkullsAsia
Totally Out of This Atlas Section As Soon as the EU Accepts ThemMiddle East
A Human Assembly LineAsia
So 'Cold' From All the 'Ice'Europe
What the $&#* Are These Other Countries Thinking?Africa
Living High Off the LandSouth America
Preventing Argentina From Enjoying the Pacific Ocean Since 1818South America
Properties Available, Inquire TodayNorth America
They are Called 'Kyrgyz,' and it Only Goes Downhill from ThereAsia
A Possible Likely Threat to the Free World, MaybeMiddle East
Definitely Possibly a CountryAfrica
Congratulations, You Just Laughed at Thousands of Starving PeopleAfrica
The Distended Belly of AfricaAfrica
Escaping the American DreamAfrica
A Neighbor You Can Bank onEurope
Still Searching For IndiaEurope
Neutral....Too NeutralEurope
Running 26.2 Miles From Their ProblemsAfrica
Earth's CrawlspaceAsia
The Bridebasket of EuropeEurope
Genocide-Free Since April 11, 1946Europe
Like a Zoo You Get Killed AtAfrica
South Africa's South AfricaAfrica
True Rasta No Develop CountryNorth America
Plight of the Living DeadNorth America
In a World....Where Nothing is as it Seems....Oceania
Terrorism's Farm TeamAfrica
You'll Only Find it on a MapAfrica

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