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Can you name the Corner Gas word changing hint??

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Change To The NameCharacter Name
Take the last letter of her name out, and she is a valuable part of a shoe
Take the last two letters out, and she would be a poorly spelled vehicle of transportation
Take the AV out and add an s, and he's just insulted you
Take the last letter away, and this character's name is now the source of a wizard's power
Take the first letter away from his name leaves him with an ever-showing wound
Change To The NameCharacter Name
Take the first two letters away, and it says the title of her in the Leroy family to Brent
Take the first letter of his name out, and he lets you live in his house for a monthly price
Taking the last three letters away from his name makes him wealthy
Take the last two letters away from this name, and this is now a good size
The U in his name taken out, he's now a good buddy of yours

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