1313 Dead End Drive heirs

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Can you name the 1313 Dead End Drive heirs?

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She clipped, snipped and gypped Agatha for 15 years.
Agatha's mad scientist nephew is on the verge of curing baldness in eagles.
With a swish here and a swivel there, she kept the mansion clean.
Agatha drove her up the wall with backseat driving tips.
The former Ambulance chaser was hired to keep an eye on Agatha's fortune.
She traded tea and gossip for an occasional 'loan' from her sister.
She sponged off Auntie while trying to launch a rock and roll career.
Her crystal ball failed to predict Agatha's demise.
He spent years in the kitchen whipping up Agatha's favourite treats.
He served Agatha with a silent sneer for 30 years.
She doctored up Agatha's medical bills for years.
He held court as the resident tennis pro.
Keeper of Agatha's wild game preserve, he collects exotic reptiles
This pop-eyed pooch lives in the lap of luxury.
Charming smarmy _ he won Agatha's gentle heart.
She's decked out in diamonds and crammed with caviar

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