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Can you name the words and names with a Z in the middle position?

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Double cheese, no anchovies!
Vague, like some logic. Or golfer Zoeller
Only US State that fits the theme is also a
Pearl Harbor Memorial
'____ Man' - a movie about a dude who hung around bears just a little too long
From the 60s to the 80s, this Israeli submachinegun was the highest-selling in the world
Another name for Satan - he has 'a devil put aside for me' in a Queen song
Word that can precede Grace, Race or Spider-Man
The Fresh Prince's DJ ______ Jeff
Egg egg egg egg egg egg egg egg egg egg egg egg
Mr. Incredible's cool crime-fighting (oops, I mean 'bowling') buddy
German philosopher who stated 'God is dead'
OPEC nation formerly led by Hugo Chavez
Person who steals money from their employer
'Smokin' Joe', who beat Ali in the 'Fight of the Century'
Infernal tunes that used to be piped into
elevators and malls
Australia and New Zealand have a memorial day named for this military group
In the Old World, a hawk is often referred to this;
in the New World, it's a name for a vulture.
Old time pitcher Jay Dean, trumpeter John Gillespie and Guns N' Roses' Darren Reed all share this nickname
Carmen composer
A thingamabob or a mogwai
All-time Red Sox great Carl
County where them Duke boys tear around in their
'69 Dodge Charger
Native of Bishkek

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