Double Threes: 3x3 Edition

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Can you name the words and names that are the same three letters repeated?

Featured Mar 27, 2011

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It can be said to Conrad Birdie or Miss American Pie
French confection, or something Ricky Martin shakes
Breath freshener sold in packets of tiny squares
Jacob, from Mordecai Richler's book series
Golfer Rodriguez, or a tropical alcoholic beverage
This fly is a leading transmitter of sleeping sickness
One of the Gabor sisters
A Madagascar primate, or a nautical affirmative
Brian, who starred in 'Dream On' and 'Private Practice'
Star Wars' Binks
Dance associated with Toulouse Lautrec paintings
Tiny East African antelope or, a 1960's Italian pop band
Loose Hawaiian dress
REM's debut album, or a heart irregularity
An owie, or a Hanna-Barbera sidekick
A North African People, or a tightly woven carpet that originated with them
Condiment for fish, or dental plaque
Internet Q & A site, or a ballroom dance
Arithmetic logic problem also marketed as Calcudoku
From the World War I phonetic alphabet - anti-aircraft
The Mikado's delicious heroine
Musical Dolls, or baby's first utterance
Bass playing Ramone, or Jazz's Bridgewater
A GPS Navigation system, or Tina Weymouth's Club
1952 - 1960 Kenyan uprising, or a card game
A hollow-point bullet, or Touché Turtle's sidekick
The first Inuit to play in the NHL is Nashville's Jordin
Stimpy's 'Happy Happy' followup, or Uter's Marzipan treat
It's an Australasian possum, not a North African grain dish
Hergé's Belgian boy reporter, or New Wave's Stephen Duffy
Prickly pear fruit alternative, in 'The Bare Necessities'
First two words in response to 'Three Cheers for…'
Expression of disapproval, or what Christopher Robin precedes 'It looks like rain' with

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