Word Ladder: USA X Factor 2012

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Can you name the 4 letter words that make up this X Factor themed Word Ladder?

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1. With [Rung 30], X Factor 6th place finisher
2. Give up territory
3. 'The Da Vinci ____'
4. Network connection point
5. Opposite of all
6. Number of fielders in a baseball game
7. Where grapes hang
8. With [Rung 26], X Factor 7th place finisher
9. Kitchen floor covering
10. Carson successor
11. Pre-Easter fasting period
12. Twisted into an angle
13. Bested
14. Sweat formation
15. Peruse a newspaper
16. X Factor Judge, L.A. ____
17. Strap used for horse control
18. Monsoon precipitation
19. Get closer to the leader
20. Big wide smile
21. ____ Ray, X Factor 10th place finisher
22. 1970s Ugandan dictator
23. French friends
24. The former Cassius Clay's family
25. Cry of despair
26. With [Rung 8], X Factor 7th place finisher
27. Caramel custard dessert
28. Whip the skin off
29. Become ragged
30. With [Rung 1], X Factor 6th place finisher
31. Strip on a guitar neck
32. There are three in a yard
33. Fedora material
34. Shoulder muscle, in workout slang
35. Place to purchase pastrami
36. X Factor judge, ____ Lovato
37. Show a product's capabilities
38. '____ Williams: The Adventure Begins'
39. Dallas Cowboys quarterback
40. 'When in ____' (adapt to your surroundings)
41. X Factor runner-up Carly ____ Sonenclar
42. What the Sun does in the east
43. East Asian diet staple
44. Steeplechase or marathon
45. Travelling speed
46. X Factor winner ____ Stevens

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