One Word Movie Titles in Two Words (N, O)

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Can you name the one word movie titles starting with N or O that fit these descriptions?

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ClueMovieYear (Ltr)
Ark Builder2014 N
Nearby Residents2014 N
Three Squared2009 N
Unfavorably Famous2009/1946 N
Ford Predecessor1995 N
Without Attire1993 N
Arch Foe1992 N
Squirrel Stash1987 N
Connected Computers1976 N
Tennessee Capital1975 N
ClueMovieYear (Ltr)
Parentless Child2009 O
Sudden Pandemic1995 O
Tragic Moor1995 O
Florida City1992 O
Thrown Seaward1987 O
Killer Whale1977 O
Shockingly Unusual!1977 O
Unquenchable Fixation1976 O
Director Stone!1968 O
Tulsa State!1955 O

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