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Can you name the answers that contain the letters R, E and D?

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MLB Team Name
US State
Flintstones Character
African Country
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle
European Country
Friends Character
NBA Team Name
South American Country
Singing Chipmunk
Shakespeare Play
Deadly Sin
Asian Country
Santa's Reindeer
European Capital
One Word Disney/Pixar Movie
Old Testament Book
NFL Team Name
Wonka Kid
Apostle (Christian)
James Bond Movie
Written Number (1-100)
Baseball Position
US President Surname
Decathlon Event
Metric Unit of Length
NHL Team Name
North American Country
Punctuation Mark
Olympian God
Peanuts Character
Human Body System
Space Shuttle
Harry Potter and theā€¦
Part of Speech
Polygon (2D)
Premier League Team (ever)

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