Constant Consonants: 'R' Matey!

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Can you name the words and names that only have the letter R as a consonant?

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Clue (Length)Answer
Conjunction Junction word (2)
Egyptian Sun God (2)
To ___ is human, to forgive is divine. (3)
Notable period of time (3)
Belonging to us (3)
Unit of corn (3)
Holder of gold deposits? (3)
Caviar, e.g. (3)
2016 Summer Olympics host, for short (3)
A tense of 'to be' (3)
Dinghy propeller (3)
Rock and Roll Speedwagon (3)
Component of whiskey or bread (3)
Boston Bruins Hall of Famer, #4 (3)
78% Nitrogen 21% Oxygen 1% Argon (3)
Before, to a poet (3)
Clue (Length)Answer
Strong anger (3)
Who's in Kanga's pouch? (3)
Lion's attention-getter (4)
Length times width (4)
Backside (4)
Ireland, in Ireland (4)
Illumination or halo (4)
'Milk's Favorite Cookie' (4)
Cooking request for steak (4)
Opera solo (4)
A Great Lake or a Canal (4)
Golf's McIlroy or Doctor Who's Williams (4)
Mistake (5)
Otherworldly; scary (5)
Eagle nest (5)
Even more uncommon (5)

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