Three Letter Crawl

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Can you name the words containing a three letter word in a progressive position?

Featured Dec 28, 2010

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EXAMPLE: If one of the 3 letter words was TEN, the first word could be TENnis, the second sTENographer, the third inTENtion, then bitTEN, etc (1st position, 2nd, 3rd, 4th...)
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Word 1
It counteracts poison 
December 24 visitor 
East of Eden, Rebel Without a Cause and this movie 
The Bismarck was sunk during this WWII Battle 
Take apart, permanently 
The Jedi Temple was on this planet 
Word 2
One of nine diamond positions 
Brutal, as a film review 
Mexican peninsula 
Capital city on the Southeastern Arabian peninsula 
Easily damaged 
Old TV shows that are sold for rebroadcast are in this 
Drunk or high 
Word 3
Sherlock Holmes portrayer Basil 
Wooden box 
Unpredictable, or a large rock left by glacial activity 
Jagged-edged, as a knife 
Algebraic equation, involving the second degree, at most 
The spirit of working together to achieve common goals 
Create artwork to accompany a story 
Word 4
Crime fighting Dark Knight created by Bob Kane 
Money returned by a manufacturer to a purchaser 
Someone likely to be using tanning butter. 
Capable of performing feats of agility 
A horror movie with a high, messy, death toll could be described as this 
Person or country that is not fighting in a war 
Word 5
Ape with blue and red facial colouring 
Its capital is one of the other answers in this quiz 
Sex And The City character 
An Australian state 
An amphibian, or a mythical creature that lives in fire 
Charm or amulet marked with magical signs 
Craze that gripped the USA in 1964 

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