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Can you name the words and names using only the letters in MrChewypoo??

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Requires a lot of jaw action to break down
A parrot sits on this fish?
What an NBAer aims for
If he made a mistake writing the Iliad,
did he say 'D'oh'?
'...Absolute _____ corrupts absolutely.' - Acton
NHL Hall of Famer Mark, son of Hall of Famer Gordie
Muffet's curds accompaniment
Freeloader (like Cab Calloway's Minnie?)
A yellow-brown pigment,
or a type of jelly for you D & D players
_____ Café, a comic strip
or Satchel _____ , a comic strip dog
John Deere lawn product
Dog breed with a blue-black or purple tongue
Bite down hard!
Hunter's quarry
Geologic time span between an age and a period
To cringe in fear
Archie's gal Betty or missing hijacker DB
A verandah
Google's browser
Creature following ribbon, tape or earth
To let out a loud cheer of joy
A scheduled, expected task
Friend of Mercutio, slayer of Tybalt
Cookie consisting of a sweet white filling between two chocolate biscuits
To cock-a-doodle-do
Pitcher Jamie, with 269 career wins
Description of someone, usually a child,
with lots of uncontrollable energy
A word with an ending that sounds similar to the ending of another word
'That's Awful!' or HB character Hong Kong ______

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