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Updated Apr 20, 2010

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Pseudonym of the author of 'The Sensuous Woman'
1, to the Romans
Magazine published by Oprah Winfrey
In the song Do-Re-Mi, 'Do' represents the first note of the fixed-Do solf├Ęge
HTML tag for displaying text with a horizontal line through it
With Tenacious, Jack Black's rock band
'Super' slalom ski race
Used to denote the Planck Constant in quantum mechanics
Showtime Series debuting in 2004 was about this 'Word'
Parsley, is a good source of this vitamin - two tablespoons contain 153% of the recommended daily amount
1980's TV series about alien invasion, remade in 2009
Before decimalization in the UK, the letter D denoted 'pence'. Now this letter is used
When censored,a certain swear word is sometimes called this word or this bomb
Rating given by the MPAA to pornographic movies
This letter appears at the top of a standard english compass
Former Burmese UN Secretary General Thant
Article denoting single objects
Entertainment Software Rating given to video games that are for the whole family
The chemical symbol for Tungsten
1073741824 of these make up a GB
Robert Altman directed a 2000 movie about this Doctor and the Women
British Artist that had a worldwide 1979 hit with 'Pop Muzik'
Informal reference, with 'The', to the institution the Village People sang about in 1978
1982 movie about a winged serpent (reincarnated Aztec God), starring Michael Moriarty
Mark left by Don Diego de la Vega, a fictional Mexican swordsman
In Commonwealth countries, this abbreviation denotes The Crown, in law

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