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CluePlace Name
Generic term for the lands of the Western Hemisphere, particularly the US
This state gained admission to the Union in 1959
European principality
Chad's continent
Capital city located in central Asia
Gained independence from France in 1962
Peninsula between the Red Sea and the Persian Gulf
Kosovars are ethnically related to the natives of this country
Once part of St Kitts - Nevis, this island is controlled by the UK
Host city of the 1996 Olympic Summer Games
This island nation's capital is St. John's
The capital of Turkey isn't Istanbul (nor Constantinople) - it's this
Tucson's state
Main tourist attraction in the Spanish city of Granada
Haile Selassie's capital city
Lynyrd Skynyrd's Sweet Home
Home of the echidna, the emu and Dame Edna
It used to be Lagos, but a West African nation's capital is now this planned city
CluePlace Name
The capital city of Eritrea
Bhutan's continent
Namibian neighbour
Georgia home of the Masters golf tournament
Taj Mahal's city
Capital of Samoa
70% of the world's fresh water is located here
This country ceased to exist from 1938 to 1945
Canadian province where the Calgary Stampede takes place
Breakaway region of Georgia; its independence is recognized by few countries
Winner of the FIFA World Cup in 1978 and 1986
Caucasus Region republic
Spanish region where Granada, Cordoba, Seville and Malaga are located
This Egyptian city was the location of one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World
Term for the Asian portion of Turkey, especially its Plain
European capital located in the Pyrenees
Capital and largest city in Ghana
This island of the Lesser Antilles is an autonomous region of the Netherlands

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