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Can you name the sharks by their vowels?

Updated Jul 25, 2012

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VowelsShark!Trivial Chum
_u__ __a__Also known as the Zambesi Shark
_a__e__ea_Eyes jutting out
_e_o_ __a__Yellowish coloring
_eo_a__ __a__Type of houndshark with dark spots
_i_e_ __a__Aggressive toward humans
__ea_ __i_e __a__Jaws
__a_e __a__Largest shark
_o__i__Small, may have venomous spines
__ee__a__ __a__Most northerly
_a_o __a__May be shortfin or longfin
__ue __a__'Wolf of the Sea'
VowelsShark!Trivial Chum
_ee_ __a__Shallow water shark
_u__e __a__Nocturnal bottom-dweller
_i_ _i__ __a__Can be bluntnose or bigeye
_e_e_ -_i__ __a__Small aggressive shark
_e_a_ou__ __a__Rare filter feeder
___e__e_ __a__Long tail
_e__a __a__Young are striped
_a___a__Serrated snout
_o__e_o__Carpet shark, has mouth growths
_a___a__Largest shark family, 100+ species
_a__i__ __a__Harmless and large, found world-wide

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