Constant Consonants (H-J-K)

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Can you name the words and names that only have letter H or only have letter J or only have letter K as a consonant?

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Clue (Letter-Length)Answer
Song by Juvenile, or half a laugh (H-2)
Attention-drawing word - e.g. 'Wagon __! (H-2)
Said with a tongue depresser in your mouth (H-2)
Stereotypical Canadian interjection (H-2)
Word used to indicate comprehension (H-2)
That fellow (H-2)
Informal geeting, or husband of the comics' Lois (H-2)
Gardening tool (H-3)
Word to shout if your suspicions are confirmed (H-3)
Move quickly (H-3)
Shade (H-3)
Honolulu's island (H-4)
Turfed ditch faced with a retaining wall (H-4)
State with Akron and Toledo (H-4)
Word with Alai or Ho (J-3)
Clue (Letter-Length)Answer
Typical 'average' male (J-3)
West African charm or amulet (J-4)
Beatles 'Get Back' man thought he was a loner (J-4)
Korean car manufacturer (K-3)
Sturdy tree with acorns (K-3)
Dwight Eisenhower's nickname (K-3)
To barely scrape by (K-3)
Serpentine antagonist of 'The Jungle Book' (K-3)
Timid exclamation when confronted by a mouse? (K-3)
Blues singer Taylor, or sign-language gorilla (K-4)
Merle Haggard's '____ From Muskogee' (K-4)
'Don't Go Breaking My Heart' songstress Dee (K-4)
Large Swedish home furnishing retailer (K-4)
Lunatic (K-4)
Hawaiian 'Garden Isle', west of Oahu (K-5)

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