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Can you name the words and names that only use the letters in ROCKGOLF?

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What's under your feet in a house
What's over your head in a house
It starts beside a knight
Glance or stare
Moderately low temperature; what Sporclers are
A gown or dress
A Hard Place's partner
Coil of hair or canal component
This worker does this to food
Silly error
Symbol of a product or organization
Punish by whipping
You can do this to some of the people all of the time - Lincoln
Wooden shoe
Type of rock for Dylan or The Byrds
Austrian semi-automatic pistol
Gathering of sheep or birds
Ireland's second largest city
Shepherd's staff
You may find it in the road or on the table
Amazon indians get arrow poison from this source
Star of 'Modern Life' cartoon
This sport no longer uses mashies or niblicks

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