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Updated Nov 22, 2011

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CluesDouble G WordsLetter
A total sum or a succession of chord tonesA
Hobbit surname or soiled, dilapidatedB
Rugged and uneven or a harvest mite that bitesC
Pharmacist or basketball coach PhelpsD
Ovum or a perfectly cromulent wordE
Heavily misted or a muppet RockF
To titter or describing the semi-consciousG
Robbie Burns Day dish or disposable diaper brandH
The Stooges' Mr. Pop or a rowboat with oarlocks on the gunwalesI
One who can keep several objects airborne at once or Stones' singerJ
Beer party or Special K manufacturerK
Seafaring turtle or suitcasesL
Housefly offspring or non-magical Rowling characterM
CluesDouble G WordsLetter
Denver's NBA team or your 'bean'N
Precedes 'Oi Oi Oi' or Chilean independence leaderO
George Harrison 'White' Album song or skater FlemingP
Beast that became extinct in 1883 or a type of clam diggerQ
Archie's foil or Johnny Gruelle's Ann and AndyR
Terminator portrayer or to walk erraticallyS
Pooh pal or 'Wild Thing' bandT
Atlanta Braves 2nd baseman or a series of early '90s MTV albumsU
Actor Mortensen or short for a fruit, bread and meat accompanimentV
Aussie band for kids or Carol Burnett's LyleW
Old US slang for a safecracker or an H.P. Lovecraft planetY
Bob Marley's son or a Mesopotamian monumentZ

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