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ClueMM Word
Broad sash typically worn with a tuxedo
Shark which has its eyes extended from its head
In New Zealand, December - March
One who has arrived to live in a new country
Difficult decision where neither choice is optimal
Third letter of the Greek alphabet
Highest point
A well-preserved body, such as that of a pharaoh
A person who shares living quarters
To give approval; advise a course of action
Extinct woolly elephant
Language syntax and structure
Warm-blooded vertebrate
ClueMM Word
Submerge into liquid
Hovering nectar-drinker
Faint gleam
Bullets, arrows, artillery shells, etc
Search through something haphazardly
Clumsy oaf
Clear soup made from clarified stock or bouillon
Emotionally younger than one's age
NH3 is a smelly cleaning compound
Game with a doubling cube and 'bearing off'
One who uses Java, C#, Visual Basic or COBOL
Balanced (mirrored) portions, or pleasing form

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