Stuck in the Middle with 'B' (A-Z)

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Can you name the 5 letter words from A - Z with B as the middle letter?

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US tree-planting occasion, ______ DayA
The Old Testament is found hereB
Noah's unit of measurementC
Actresses Winger or MessingD
How you can add a Sporcle quiz to your own siteE
Wool, hemp and asbestos are natural types of thisF
Wall facing between edges of a sloping roofG
Where your email may arriveI
Star Wars' HuttJ
Skewer dishK
Defamation in printL
This oil company's logo is a winged red horseM
Prizes awarded in Stockholm and OsloN
What a satellite does around the EarthO
Casals or SandovalP
Direction to face during Muslim prayerQ
His cube started an '80s crazeR
Fencing weapon that targets the upper bodyS
Bone that is found next to the fibulaT
Varieties of this pigment include Raw and BurntU
Lionel Hampton's instrument, or 'emanations'V
Int'l Academy of Digital Arts and Sciences awardW
Old Mediterranean sailing shipX
Fred Flintstone precedes 'Dabba Do' with thisY
Animal featured in the movie 'Racing Stripes'Z

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