What's Inside Bowsntoys (Christmas Edition)?

Random Holiday or Christmas Quiz

Can you name the Christmasy words and names that only use the letters in BOWSNTOYS?

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Every year, Halifax, Nova Scotia, send a giant Christmas tree to this New England city
Santa would be covered with this after coming down the chimney
Santa has a list of good girls and ____
The Grinch, Frosty and Charlie Brown are these (according to Roger Rabbit)
U2 singer who appeared on 'Do They Know Its Christmas'
Santa can get himself back up the chimney without this sort of help
Elves call Santa this when he's running the toy shop
Christmas present ribbons often end in these
Kids hope to find these under the Christmas tree
Required for a White Christmas
These parts of Santa's costume are usually coloured black
'Santa Claus is comin' to ____'
Number of turtle doves received on the ninth day of Christmas

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