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Can you name the words and names found in this celebrity's name?

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Celebrity whose English name contains all the letters for every answer in this quiz
Pauley, Eyre or Curtin
A long nature walk - better have good boots.
The Enterprise felt his Wrath in a 1982 movie
A David Bowie genie or a #2 hit for Oliver
Steely Dan's sixth album, featuring 'Peg' and 'Josie', pronounced like the above answer's continent
2.54 centimeters
Pleasant and kind
A cab driver, or a writer paid to write low-quality books
Had top 10 hits with 'Diana' and 'You're Having My Baby', co-wrote 'This Is It' with Michael Jackson
To kiss passionately for a long time
A hidden stash of treasure, or to save for later
Gittes, Delhomme or Gyllenhaal
Egyptian key of life, a popular pendant or charm
A baked dessert, left out in the rain in 'MacArthur Park'
Hillbilly from 'the sticks'
Peter Sellers received an Academy Award nomination for this role in 'Being There'
In hockey or basketball, to closely shadow an opponent or to try to create a turnover
Type of market that specialty goods are targeted to
Actor featured in American History X, The Long Riders and Mike Hammer
First name of the singer who performed 'Tell Me Something Good' (with Rufus) and 'I Feel For You'
The world's third largest country
The city where the mystery celebrity was born is in the previous clue, but it wasn't when he was born
It's the C in KFC
The mystery celebrity would never be called the answer to the previous clue
'Just Do It!' company
The company in the previous clue has a line named after the mystery celebrity

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