Word Ladder: Chicago Bulls #9 (2013)

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Can you name the four letter words featuring the Bulls' small forward?

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First name of Chicago Bulls #9, from Sudan
Temporary break in intense activity
Body of a ship
Where AC/DC's Highway terminates
Telephone inventor
Bovine banned from china shops
Adjective for a bad movie or a bad knife
Barbie or Ken
British Welfare for American pineapple company?
Actor's part
What the sun did at dawn
What a close horse race is won by
Chow down
Ark builder
The 'father of modern linguistics' ____ Chomsky
Soil consisting of sand, silt and clay
Cloth weaving apparatus
Glance at
'The ____, the Thief, His Wife and Her Lover'
Wine stopper
Stupid, inept person
A long thrusting dagger
Married yuppie without children
To dip a donut in coffee
Last name of Chicago Bulls #9, from Sudan

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