Missing Word: Simpsons Monopoly

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Can you name the missing words from the properties in Simpsons Monopoly?

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PropertyMissing WordValue
_____ Yard60
Cletus' ______60
Herman's ______ Antiques100
The Android's ______100
Kwik-E ______120
Disco ______140
The ______ Hole140
______ Tavern160
______ Video Arcade180
Sir ______-A-Lots180
Barney's ______200
Ye ______ Off-Ramp Inn220
PropertyMissing WordValue
______ Eazy Motel220
Rancho ______240
The ______ Dutchman260
The ______ Sumo260
The Gilded ______280
______ Gardens300
______ and Scratchy Land300
______ Studios320
Springfield Glen ______ Club350
Burns ______400
Springfield ______ Power Plant150
Springfield Dam ______ Company150

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