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Does not break boats
Store stuff in this
To the Nether!
Short block
Let them eat...
Grassy rock found in dungeons
Type of stone found only in The End
Changes color depending on climate
Thin glass
The reason to not dig up
Pull this to power a circuit
Pushin' blocks since 1.7!
An alternative to grass found in mushroom biomes
So blue!
One block of this cannot be jumped over (except by spiders)
Beige ore
You get this from mining stone
Chugga chugga CHOO CHOO!
You had better have a diamond pickaxe
________ Pie
Knock knock
Put eye of ender in this to go to The End!
Not cosine or tangent, but...
Pushin' AND pullin' blocks since 1.7!!
Where baby enderdragons come from!
Sometimes grassy
Build houses with it
Fire on a stick
Glow in the dark!
Melons and pumpkins grow from these
Baa I'm a sheep
Silver and...
I'm dreaming of a white Christmas
Happy Halloween!
Press it!
Red stone found in the Nether
A pink, juicy, summertime snack
Very light and invisible
Harvest this
Sparkly ore
Brew three potions at a time!
Play records in this
Great in a refreshing drink
Measured in carats
When I grow up, I'm gonna be a TREE!
Yellow ore
Used to delay redstone currents
Ew, mushy!
Radiates red particles
Monsters! They're everywhere!
Yay! Arts and Crafts!
Don't feel pressured
Blue ore
Found in strongholds
Go punch some trees!
Arrgh, walk it, matey!
Plant wheat on this
Use this to add magical qualities to armour, weapons, and tools
Donald Trump: You're...
RED fire on a stick!
Fire burn and _______ bubble
Found on beaches
And she's buying the ________ to heaven...
I suggest using some nether Compound W...
Make like a tree and...
Good ore to find on your first night
Ejects the items placed in it
Found in libraries
This block makes music
Hard sand
Cook or smelt stuff in this
Climb up this
Normally wooden object made of a type of brick...?
Shatter it
Found in NPC blacksmith's shops and strongholds.
Humongous and mushy!
I picked these for you...
If Violets are blue, what is red?
Turns red when powered

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