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Admantium Clawed X-ManLogan
Don't make him angry..Bruce Banner
Web-Slinging HeroPeter Parker
One-Eyed X-ManScott Summers
Wealthy Founder of Stark IndustriesTony Stark
Keen Martial Artist with Regenerative Healing AbilitiesWade Wilson
It's clobbering time!!Ben Grimm
American War HeroSteve Rodgers
X-Man with abilities for freeze anythingRobert Drake
Blind Man without fearMatt Murdock
Member of the X-Men that can control the weatherOroro Munroe
Interdimensional Traveller with a flaming motorcycleJohnny Blaze
Half Vampire SuperheroEric Brooks
Founder of the X-MenCharles Xavier
Hot-Headed Fantastic 4 memberJonny Storm
Founder of the Fantastic 4Reed Richards
X-Man with Teleporting abilitiesKurt Wagner
The herald of GalactusNorrin Radd
Long-term adversary of Professor XErik Lehnsherr
Ability to create barriers and become invisibleSue Storm

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