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The Daily 49er is written on the bottom floor of this building.
Our NCAA division 1 teams play in this conference.
22 is the jersey number of this 2012 senior point guard on the basketball team.
The water molecule fountain is in front of this building.
It is on this floor of the bookstore where you can buy computers.
There is an artists rendition of this human organ on the side of LH 150/151.
CSULB's off campus housing known as RLC stands for what?
SRWC stands for what?
This is the largest parking lot on campus.
20 is the NCAA division 1 jersey number belonging to this 2012 CSULB basketball forward who also holds the Big West record for all time most rebounds in conference history.
This structure is the home playing ground for our NCAA division 1 Men/Women Basketball and Volleyball teams
This extremely famous Hollywood director attended CSULB for his undergrad in Film.
The marine biology shark lab is located in this building.
The Daniel Recital Hall is located where on campus?
CSULB was founded in this year.
There are this many floors in the library.
The Japanese Garden is located next to these on-campus dorms.
This is one of the places on campus where you can purchase alcohol.
Who is the performing arts center named after?
This is the name of the Dirtbag's playing field.

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