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Can you name the notable people or charcters with the definite article 'the' in their name?

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HintNicknameFull Name(if applicable)
CBS 'Don't go to no' this sports commentator, especially after his 'foolish' comments on race and the NFL
Good luck wrestling out the name of this portrayer of regal arthropod
This cattle rustler finally had the price on his head cashed in
This ursine tells you what 'only you can prevent'
It isn't easy being the color of this character, or having a someones hand in an uncomfortable place every time he performs
His story is told in the eponymous 1962 Ray Stevens single, with a less-than-perfect pronunciation
He has a tower, hair and an ego; debateable which is bigger
This invader's name include a cute pet name; dare you to call him by it though
This character might be distracted by a honey pot
His ...nombre... also tells you his (musical) profession
Hit the gym with this tanned character, just don't smush it up
He'll help you throught the worst of knots

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