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Level of culture: language, stories, buildings, physical attributes
Clark and Trow subcultures
Physical Environment Elements: gathering places, sitting walls, green quads
Level of culture: beliefs that dictate relationships to institution and to others
features of the environment as perceived by those who live in the environment
Strange and banning 2
the probabilistic relationship between environment and behavior = Architectural ______
Clark and Trow subcultures
True or False: Environmental press, social climate, and campus culture all focus on participant perceptions, impressions, and systems of meaning making in understanding the nature
Strange and banning 4
Level of culture: socially shared rules and norms, campus customs, attire, ideologies.
Physical Environment Elements: spatial orientation – uses past experience and immediate cues from the physical environment to carry out movement in the environment
Strange and banning 1
Level of culture: espoused and enacted ideals
Physical Environment Elements: issues of safety (legibility) – one can wander and feel safe and not become lost; issues of opportunity (mystery) – invite participants with the
degree of fit between persons and environments; a person is congruent with an environment if his or her type is the same or nearly the same as the dominant type
environment sets up opportunities for behavior but does not restrict what behavior occurs = Architectural ______
Clark and Trow subcultures
direct link between behavior and space = Architectural ______
Physical Environment Elements: place to call one’s own, like SLC study rooms
Strange and banning 3
Clark and Trow subcultures

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