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direct link between behavior and space = Architectural ______
Clark and Trow subcultures
Strange and banning 2
Clark and Trow subcultures
Physical Environment Elements: spatial orientation – uses past experience and immediate cues from the physical environment to carry out movement in the environment
Level of culture: beliefs that dictate relationships to institution and to others
Strange and banning 3
Physical Environment Elements: issues of safety (legibility) – one can wander and feel safe and not become lost; issues of opportunity (mystery) – invite participants with the
Strange and banning 1
Level of culture: espoused and enacted ideals
Strange and banning 4
environment sets up opportunities for behavior but does not restrict what behavior occurs = Architectural ______
Physical Environment Elements: gathering places, sitting walls, green quads
Physical Environment Elements: place to call one’s own, like SLC study rooms
features of the environment as perceived by those who live in the environment
Level of culture: socially shared rules and norms, campus customs, attire, ideologies.
degree of fit between persons and environments; a person is congruent with an environment if his or her type is the same or nearly the same as the dominant type
True or False: Environmental press, social climate, and campus culture all focus on participant perceptions, impressions, and systems of meaning making in understanding the nature
Level of culture: language, stories, buildings, physical attributes
Clark and Trow subcultures
the probabilistic relationship between environment and behavior = Architectural ______
Clark and Trow subcultures

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