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Come now and leave with me. This place is ....Sorry You're Not A Winner EP
Now this is a crock of **** I refuse to be fedCommon Dreads
You look like you rented a smile, but you rented the wrong size.Take To The Skies
Everyone freezes and waits for the earth to move.Take To The Skies
A spanking panoramic view. The soil here is silk. The air is selectiveB-side/The Zone
You can have skirting board shoes and plug sockets on your kneesCommon Dreads
Help! The air turns black. The birds drop from the sky.Take To The Skies
But I've gotta get hereCommon Dreads
AwwwwwwwwwwwwwTake To The Skies
Mate! WTF are you on about?Common Dreads
Everything seems to be closing in on herEP/Take To The Skies
Something trips inside that's been dormant for a thousand yearsCommon Dreads
*clap clap clap* (Come on guys, this one's free!)EP/Take To The Skies
A whisper from the wind, and I help but listenEP/Take To The Skies
And I long for you to appearTake To The Skies
Go ahead and shoot us. It'll only take bullet.Sorry You're Not A Winner EP
I swear I used to know youNodding Acquaintance
What would you rather be? Hated and remembered? or just forgotten? Nodding Acquaintance
I can hind as I lead my army into certain death.Take To The Skies
Hold tight to Real News Network. They're crucial.Common Dreads
I've been hiding here for a thousand years. Waiting for your ghost.Take To The Skies
We Must UniteCommon Dreads
We need to **** erupt!One-off single
I'm biting the blade of your scissorsB-side/The Zone
Your answers are always lying on the oceanOnline Single/Take To The Skies
You do this every **** timeTake To The Skies
All this killing is obsceneCommon Dreads
Next time you open your eyes, be thankful the world never wears a disguise B-side/The Zone
*instrumental*Common Dreads
Oh if I could kidnap that feeling, I'd make no demands. No ransomCommon Dreads
20,000 feet we'll clock the crowdsCommon Dreads
You provoke tears that stain. You control my face.Sorry You're Not A Winner EP
And asks the same questions that we ask. Nodding Acquaintance
So just as farms compete to provide fruit for other companies...Common Dreads
THOU. SHALT. NOT. PASS.Common Dreads
We've lost the movement. We've lost the beat.Tribalism
We're trapped in the ribcage of a wildebeestB-side/The Zone
But now it feels like Silvius Brabo has sliced my hand off.Common Dreads
Welcome verulamium, cathedral cityB-side/Tribalism
Sometimes I do wish apples were our currency so your hoarded would rot in their vaultsCommon Dreads
Quick! Give him a name, trident and a chair.Tribalism
And he's sniggering at our historyOne-off single/Tribalism

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