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Jimmy says this to open up the podcast (9 words)
Heat up a French Dip and Jimmy might refer to it as this (2 words)
Jimmy's phrase for the popular Apple MP3 product (2 words)
Jimmy's phrase for the popular online auctioning site (2 words)
Jimmy agrees with Mandy Patinkin that the trouble with the world today is... (5 words)
Jimmy closes out every episode of NNF with this line (3 words)
How Jimmy might choose to describe 2 years (Hint: 3 digits)
Jimmy's roundabout and double negative way of agreeing with somebody (3 words)
Our guest is _____, We're .... (4 words)
Jimmy can neither confirm norrr... (2 words)
If Jimmy likes a joke, he might refer to it as a... (4 words)
When Jimmy closes out the show, he refers to Matt as the (1 word)
What would normally be an insult, jimmy uses this word lovingly (1 word)
According to Jimmy, a gentleman's footwear is referred to as this (2 words)
When Jimmy is intrigued by someone, he might say this famous Pardoism to them (6 words)
When someone understands a joke, Jimmy enjoys shouting this to nobody in particular (3 words)

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