Conjugations of the Spanish verb 'hablar' (to speak)

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Can you name the conjugations of the Spanish verb 'hablar' (to speak)?

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I am speakingPresente progresivo
you spokePretérito
(that) you speakPresente subjuntivo
I will have spokenFuturo perfecto
I was speakingImperfecto
(that/if) I had spokenPluscuamperfecto subj.
you have spokenPresente perfecto
(that) you have spokenPresente perfecto subj.
I have spokenPresente perfecto
(that) I speakPresente subjuntivo
I spokePretérito
(that) I have spokenPresente perfecto subj.
I would speakCondicional
you will speakFuturo
(that) you spokeImperfecto subjuntivo
you are speakingPresente progresivo
I speakPresente
(that/if) you had spokenPluscuamperfecto subj.
you will have spokenFuturo perfecto
you were speakingImperfecto
I will speakFuturo
you would have spokenPluscuamperfecto
(that) I spokeImperfecto subjuntivo
I had spokenPluscuamperfecto
I would have spokenPluscuamperfecto
I was speakingPretérito imperfecto
you speakPresente
you would speakCondicional
you were speakingPretérito imperfecto
you had spokenPluscuamperfecto

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