Can you name the white tie affair songs?

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Can you name the white tie affair songs by lyrics??

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so so you think that i am wasting my time but i'm ready, i'm ready to go
ice, ice melt your heart, baby girl let down your guard
there's gonna be a party tonight, and do you think that you're invited, i know that you're excited
wear these clothes, walk this way, do exactly what they say
The sun has come up and the time is here.
you k-k-keep on talking but i'm not listening, i'll be the first to say i'm sorry just to put this to end
my baby's flying off the edge of the road just saying i'm so sorry about that note
if i was you i wouldn't take me back, just let me down
Problems won't disappear, when i look you in the eye something isn't right
i know i'm dreaming she's in love with me, and in reality she's just a one night machine
help me help me somebody save me, i keep running she keeps on chasing

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