name all the mayday parade songs?

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Can you name the mayday parade songs??

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A Lesson in RomanticsJAO
A Lesson in RomanticsJ
A Lesson in RomanticsBC
A Lesson in RomanticsOAA
A Lesson in RomanticsWIGHYSD
A Lesson in RomanticsIYWASWAYAYHTDWA
A Lesson in RomanticsCFC (IHAM)
A Lesson in RomanticsIHTBYWPFOWTSIA
A Lesson in RomanticsTTTH
A Lesson in RomanticsWOWOD
A Lesson in RomanticsMAB
Anywhere But HereKIL
Anywhere But HereTE
Anywhere But HereSB
Anywhere But HereABH
Anywhere But HereIYCLWWAYDY
Anywhere But HereBAS
Anywhere But HereSFA
Anywhere But HereTM
Anywhere But HereTS
Anywhere But HereSYH
Anywhere But HereGU
Anywhere But HereCOA
Anywhere But HereISTTIMI
Tales Told by Dead FriendsTCFFY
Tales Told by Dead FriendsJSYNII
Tales Told by Dead FriendsTLSTMA
Tales Told by Dead FriendsYS
Non - Album SongU
Non - Album SongWIGU
Non - Album SongSJD

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