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lyricslyrics# of words
You'd think that people(8)
But I look around me(6)
Some people(8)
And what's(3)
I'd like to know(5)
I love you I love you(6)
I can't explain the feeling's(7)
She gave me more(10)
What's wrong with that(4)
Cause here I go again(6)
Love doesn't come(3)
Sometimes it doesn't(3)
I only know(5)
It isn't(1)
No it(1)
Love isn't(3)
How can I(6)
How can I tell(5)
How can I tell you(4)
lyricslyrics# of words
How can(7)
I love you(3)
I love you(8)
Say can't(2)
I love you(10)
I love you(8)
I love you(10)
Say can't(3)
I love you(8)
Say can't you(1)
I love you(10)
You'd think that(3)
Had enough of silly love songs(11)
Some people wanna fill(6)

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