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'You must protect the Triforce!'
'The thousand years of raindrops summoned by my song are my tears. The thunder that strikes the earth is my anger!'
'You obviously have mastery of the air.
'The song I just taught you has some mysterious power.'
'It is the song of two who are bound by trust.'
'Call us.'
'I grant to you a soldier who has no heart. One who will not falter in the darkness.'
'My mother composed this song. Isn't it nice? Let's sing together.'
''Time passes, people move.... Like a rivers flow, it never ends... A childish mind will turn to noble ambition... Young love will become deep affection...'
'We can't let them hear us, so I'll sing it softly...'
'I feel... This place will be very important for both of us someday.'
'If something should happen to you, remember this song... The Goddess of Time is protecting you. If you play this song, she will aid you...'
'This is the melody that will draw you into the infinite darkness that absorbs even time...'
'The rising sun will eventually set, A newborn's life will fade. From sun to moon, moon to sun... Give peaceful rest to the living dead.'
'As long as you hold the Ocarina of Time and the Master Sword, you hold time itself in your hands...'
'...Be you a ghost or a figment of my imagination, I no longer care.'
'That's... That's it! That's the rhythm I've been trying to recall! OH! I can feel it! I can FEEL it, guy!'
'So, you're the new Wind Waker, are you?'
'I'll never forget this song!'
'Now, I have fulfilled my promise to you...'
'The flow of time is always cruel... Its speed seems different for each person, but no one can change it... A thing that doesn't change with time is a memory of younger days...'
'O great hero, chosen by the Master Sword!'
'Past, present, future... The Master Sword is a ship with which you can sail upstream and downstream through time's river... The port for that ship is the Temple of Time...'
'It's the melody taught by the Zora children that invigorates singing voices.'
'If you have left proof of our encounter on any of those stone statues... Then the song carved at my feet will certainly be of some assistance...'
'Are you the new hero?'
'This song is dedicated to the power of the heart...'
'My kin wait beyond the doors. Control them and guide them to their places of truth to open the path to the gods...'

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