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QuoteGameSaid By...
'What about you, Link? What will you do now?'
'The guidance of the Triforce has made you into this legendary hero! Thank you, Link.'
'Link! ...Thank you.'
'Now, touch it with a wish in your heart.'
'You saved Hyrule and you are a real hero!'
'We will struggle together and grow stronger than before. We will work as one, as the four of you have done. We will work...together.'
'Now, let us return! And let us return the Four Sword to its shrine once again.'
'Come, Link, let us awaken... Together! Play the eight instruments! Play the song of awakening!'
'Farewell, my friend...'
QuoteGameSaid By...
'Good-bye...And thank you. Thank you both.'
'Hey...I told you it wasn't a dream! You guys never listen!'
'It has given birth to the Flame of Sorrow, which burns brightly! When this flame brightens the darkness, our wish will be granted! Oh ho ho ho ho!'
'Onox has fallen, but the damage he has done to this land burns on in the Flame of Destruction! When this flame lights the dark, our wish shall be granted! Hya, ha, ha, ha!''
'Thank you... Link... Good-bye....'
'Thanks Link, you're the hero of Hyrule.'
'Anchors away! Hold the tiller steady! As for our destination... The wind will guide us!'
'Link...I...See you later...'

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